Ventura Portable Power SPV280 28W Solar Panel


The Ventura Portable Power SPV280 28W solar panels are a great way to keep your electrical devices in power whilst on a caravan trip. If you’re conscious of the environment, the solar panels deliver uninterrupted, clean, green energy. It also features:

- The ability to fold for easier transporting
- PET lamination for a longer lifespan
- Monocrystalline panels

If you want to keep your mobile, tablet, camera or navigational device charged whilst at the caravan, buy a Ventura Portable Power SPV280 28W solar panel pack today.
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Ventura Portable Power SPV280 28W Solar Panel Highlights

  • Capacity - 6.5V/28Watts Output
  • Monocrystalline Silicone Base
  • Dual Output Voltage Controller
  • Solar Panel PET Laminated
  • Weighs 1450g

Ventura Portable Power SPV280 Solar Panel

Ventura SPV280, 28W Solar Panel, Super Fast Power Up

Whether you’re sat on the beach, taking a break hiking or simply relaxing at your campsite, charging your device with SPV280 is simple. Just fold out, plug in your device and charge up. SPV280 delivers instant high speed charge for your smart phone, tablet or laptop. Ventura SPV280, 28W Solar Panel, Super Fast Power Up

SPV280 28W Solar Panel is compatible with any device, including smart phones, tablets, laptops, MP3 players and external power source’s, it’s the perfect multi-functional charging device.

Monocrystalline Panels
SPV280, 28W Solar Panel uses Monocrystalline solar grade silicon (Sog-si) as its base. Monocrystalline solar grade silicon is used within high performance Solar Panels, and achieves up to 21% efficiency compared with cheaper solar panels which use polycrystalline which only achieves around a 10% efficiency rating.

Portable Power Solar Panel SPV280 Flat

* For illustration purposes only, tablet not included

Dual Output Voltage
Depending on your electrical device, you may require different voltage charges to prevent damage to your device. Ventura portable solar packs offer different output voltages to suit different appliances. SPV280 comes with 5V and 9V-18V power outputs.

Lightweight and Easy Storage
For people who love touring, portable power units that are easy to store yet powerful is a must. Weighing only 1450g and with the ability to fold makes SPV280 ideal for touring

Solar Panel PET Laminated
Ventura Portable Power SPV280 panels are PET laminated. PET lamination is one of the market leading processes used to protect solar panels and widely used in portable solar panels. PET lamination surpasses Epoxy lamination in every way including a longer lifespan and better waterproofing, it costs a little more to produce, but a much higher quality product.

Independent Review

"We would recommend you invest in some kind of renewable green energy making device of your own, like a Ventura SPV280" Inspired Camping, 25 June 2014

Inspired Camping have taken our SPV280 8 Panel Solar Pack for a spin, check out their review here, visit



Solar Energy.
Ventura Portable Power SPV280 Solar Panels are the perfect renewable energy source. SPV280 is an active solar, meaning it uses photovolatic panels (8 Panels) to capture, harness and convert the sun’s energy into electrical power. This energy source is readily available and free, allowing owners to never need to pay for electrical energy again.

How do Solar Panels Work?
When sunlight is capture by the SPV280, the energy from the sunlight charges electrons causing them to move in a particular direction to create electrical energy through a thin layer of wiring. The electricity is then extracted through the connector cables to the electrical device you wish to charge.

28W Solar Panel.
SPV280 collects 28 Watts of power from the sun through the portable solar panels, which is then stored when connected to a battery powerbank. 

What's The Difference Between PET Lamination and Epoxy Encapsulation?
Ventura Portable Power SPV280 uses PET lamination to provide a strong wearing and waterproof product. But what is the difference between PET lamination and Epoxy encapsulation found on cheaper products?

Epoxy Encapsulation - Epoxy encapsulation could not be used for everyday outdoor use. It's weak waterproof features and less than robust finish makes it prone to scratching and damage. 

PET Lamination - PET Lamination is the preferred finish for outdoor use solar panels. It has a longer lifespan and better waterproof strength than Epoxy encapsulation, although slightly more expensive to manufacture

11 Adapter Plugs – Connects to most Laptops, mobile phones and cameras
Multi-lingual User Manual
Waterproof PVC Material



Solar Panel PET Laminated
Mono Crystalline Silicon
Dual Output Voltage Controller 5V & 9V – 18V
Capacity – 6.5V/28 Watts
Measurement – 980mm x 490mm x 5mm
Weight – 1450 g
Warranty - 12 months