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Snooper My Speed® Connect App for iPhone. Real time speed limits and speed camera alerts on your iPhone from Snooper, the No1 selling speed trap detector manufacturer in Europe.

Visit the Apple App Store here or search for 'Snooper GPS' on your iPhone App store to download your FREE 30 day trial.

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New Snooper My Speed® Connect App with My Speed for iPhone!* Download the App Here or visit itunes store and search for 'snooper gps'

*iPhone not included, this is an app
Snooper My Speed Connect Speed Camera Detector App

The speed camera detector Apple App, that lets you share and receive the positions of mobile speed traps with other users!

  • Displays your speed and the speed limit of the road being travelled.
  • Share the position of mobile and fixed speed traps with other Connect users!
  • Provides alerts for all types of fixed and mobile speed traps!
  • Automatic wireless downloads.

Try before you buy! Visit the Apple App Store here or search for 'Snooper GPS' on your iPhone App store to download your FREE 30 day trial
The most advanced real-time speed camera location system on the market, brought to you by Snooper, suppliers of speed trap detectors since 1979! Incorporating AURA™, the most comprehensive speed camera database of it's kind with nearly 34,000 locations. The best cover available, with the largest community of users in the World contributing to the AURA™ speed camera database Worldwide every day. Snooper Connect provides drivers with advanced warning of fixed and mobile speed traps including laser. Connect uses GPS technology to provide you with protection from all types of ‘fixed’ speed cameras and your iPhone's wireless GPRS technology to provide advanced warning of mobile speed traps.

Snooper My Speed Connect Road Speed Limit

Share the position of mobile and fixed speed traps with other My Speed Connect  users!
Snooper My Speed Connect utilises a number of different sources to collate the positions of hundreds of mobile speed traps and speed limits every day which are sent automatically to your unit. My Speed Connect will then provide advanced warnings of both fixed speed traps such as Gatso and Truvelo cameras but also mobile speed trap risk zones such as police laser guns and camera vans. In addition, simply by touching the screen of your iPhone any member of the Connect community can share the location of any mobile police speed trap or camera with all other Connect  users.  The instant a mobile police speed trap has been spotted all other Connect users in the area will be notified.

Subscription charges
First 30 days FREE!
1 Month - £2.29/€3.09
3 Months - £3.99/€5.39
12 Months - £10.49/€14.18




Provides alerts for all types of fixed and high risk mobile speed traps!

Speed Limits on every road 
Mobile Police positions including laser traps.
Shared mobile positions including laser traps.
Gatso Cameras
Truvelo Cameras
Specs Average Speed Cameras
Multi Lens Gatso
Accident Blackspots
High Risk Zones* (Includes alerts to regular sites of Mobile Laser and Mobile Camera vans)

Snooper Connect uses AURA™, a speed camera database managed by a team of professionals. Whilst some systems rely solely on a community of users to keep their databases up to date, AURA™ is backed up by a team of professionals employed to search for the locations of new speed traps and ensure that the AURA™ database is kept up to date every day. Not only that but we assure the quality of our database by personally visiting and verifying each and every camera.
Snooper My Speed Connect Speed Camera Monitoring


Apple App Subscription charges
First 30 days FREE!
1 Month - £1.99/€2.69
3 Months - £2.99/€4.49
12 Months - £9.99/€12.99

Please note: Always check that your iPhone has a good internet and GPS connection when using your Snooper My Speed Connect App. Without GPS and an internet connection your Snooper My Speed Connect App will not work effectively and could miss the location of some speed traps. Some vehicles may have a heat reflective screen that can reduce the effectiveness of your iPhone's GPS antenna.

Letter to Snooper Lynx App Customers

Dear Existing My Speed Lynx App Customers

There are some exciting changes happening to your Snooper Lynx App!

Next time you update your App, it will automatically be upgraded to Snooper Connect with MySpeed technology. Snooper Connect retains all the features you enjoyed previously but with the addition of My Speed which will display the speed limit of most of the roads across Europe.For further information please visit the Apple App store.

Unfortunately due to some technical changes you will need to re-instate your subscription to the App to ensure that it continues to work correctly. There are two ways that this can be done:-

1. If you still have your original User name and Password, please enter them in the Registration screen within the Snooper Connect App. Please follow the screen shots below for further details.

2. Supply us with your existing Lynx ID and the UDID number of your iPhone and we'll do the rest. To find your Lynx ID go to the Registration screen within the Snooper Connect App. To obtain your UDID number visit

Once you have obtained your Lynx ID and UDID number, please email them to and we will re-instate your subscription with your new App.

New Lower Price!

You can now have full protection from all fixed speed traps and confirmation of all speed limits across Europe for less than ever before.
• 1 Month - £1.99
• 3 Months - £2.99
• 12 Months - £9.99

Subscription to Snooper Connect covers all speed trap and speed limit database updates plus community mobile speed trap updates and alerts across Europe. Plus you can continue to share and receive the locations of mobile speed traps with other members of the SnooperConnect community.

We hope that you enjoy Snooper Connect but if you have any problems transferring your details or using your new App please contact us immediately at or call 44 (0)333 121 2252 (local rate call) and speak to Snooper technical support.

Best Regards
Snooper App Team